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Regular/Bulk Orders

For coffee lovers wanting freshly roasted beans without the hassle of ordering each month!
TIP: contact us for your personalised discount coupon code if you order more than 5kgs of coffee per month, for private or professional consumption.

Placing a monthly order for freshly-roasted coffee is very easy!

Click on the coffee you’d like from the selection below. On that coffee page, select the Grind Size you’d like (whole, course, medium, fine) and then at How Often select ‘keep them coming, I want this amazing coffee every month’.

Each month you will be automatically invoiced, and we’ll send off your month’s supply as soon as it’s been roasted. TIP: order 3x kgs per month to get free shipping. If you order more than 5kgs per month, contact us to get your own personalised discount coupon code.

You can change your order, or cancel the subscription at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact Veruschka if you have any questions!

Hamish shares his passion for the different types of coffee, and why Lorgues Coffee Roasters choose these specific beans to roast…

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