Varia Pro Coffee Brewer

Varia Pro Coffee Brewer

Version 2 of our award-winning Varia Brewer is our most advanced multi coffee brewer yet!

FRENCH PRESS. The first interchangeable French Press filter using both stainless steel and paper filters producing the cleanest French Press coffee on the planet.

COFFEE “POUR OVER”. The Varia PRO also features an updated pour cone that has been refined to ensure optimum flow for precision brewing allowing absolute control over every brew.

“MOKA” ITALIAN COFFEE MAKER Using a unique approach to Moka Pot engineering, we designed a fully sealed brew chamber that provides higher pressure during brewing as well as more consistent saturation of the coffee puck.

PHOTO ETCHED FILTER DISCS A range of stainless steel ‘photo etched’ filter discs are included to achieve ultimate pressure and flow conditions while brewing and a paper filter can be added to the Varia coffee maker if desired for an absolutely clean cup.