Varia Brewer Instructions

Everyday is different, so we made a brewer that adapts to how you feel. Varia allows you to explore the world of coffee & tea in your home like never before. Our coffee brewers seamless transitions allow you to choose between six functions, including the three most popular brew methods ever.

Varia Coffee Brewer

Download the Varia Multi Brewer User Manual in .pdf format

We don’t often drink coffee, so when Hamish and Veruschka suggested this little brewer, we thought we’d give it a go. It is really nice to be able to offer guests a good cuppa coffee, instead of the instant coffee granules that local French people snort at. And I’m learning more about coffee – it’s really fun discovering the differences in flavours by using these different configurations. Not sure which method is my favourite yet …

Victoria Koning, NetNomads *****

Varia Multi Brewer & Brewing Configurations

Marcel & Victoria Koning @netnomads created this quick unboxing video that also demonstrates the various configurations.