The Origins of Coffee

The origin of coffee is, funnily enough, Ethiopia – where I think the first coffee bean came from. Bit by bit, coffee was passed around the world by traders. Coffee grows in a band around the world, within a certain latitude / longitude.

I guess you could use the parallel, coffee is very similar to the wine industry, which is very popular where we live here in Provence. There is a massive spectrum across the board of coffee flavours, and it’s very much the same in wine. If you bring in volcanic soils, if you bring in different weathers, different rainfall patterns, different coffee flavours are created.

My favourite coffee is definitely Ethiopian. It’s the origin of coffee, and I think it has the most intricate flavours available – it’s fruit, it’s flowers, it’s sweet, it’s caramel … many people say Ethiopian is their favourite coffee, and it’s definitely my favourite cup of coffee.

Hamish Menlove, Lorgues Coffee Roasters