Our Range of Teas

We have 14 teas, and the black teas are probably the most famous, popular. They are a darker leaf tea and steep at a higher temperature of around 95°C. Then we go into green teas, which are hugely popular because of their health benefits. Green teas are normally steeped at about 80°C.

Our white teas are more delicate, and are harvested earlier off the tea plant. They come from China, a famous region called Fujian. Also appreciated for health benefits, white teas have less theine in the cup and aren’t as strong in flavour. You steep them at about 60°C.

Our natural tisanes (herbal teas) have lovely flavours, no caffeine or theine and are very healthy and relaxing. When you have a tisane, for example, to assist you relax and fall asleep, our chamomile tea is great to have in the evening. It’s made with the chamomile flowers and originates from Egypt.

Our fruit teas are also great served cold in summer, you can steep them and then add ice and fruit. The organic rooibos tea from South Africa is not actually a tea, but comes from a bush. It’s growing in popularity around the world.

These teas are not only available on this website, but also at our weekly markets in Provence, and in our new concept store ‘La Grange’ on 13 Avenue de Toulon in Lorgues.