Our Range of Coffee and Blends

So when we arrived in France, we decided to try to create a different experience to what we were finding in the French coffee scene. What I mean by that, is having a bigger range in flavours, from fruit to caramel to sweet to citrus to acidic coffees, all across the strength range.

We start with l'éthiopie, a fruity sweet coffee. We do Guatemala, which has hints of fruit and chocolate flavours. We do Tanzanie, which is an acidic strong coffee. We have Honduras, which is a bio [organic], caramel, sweety flavoured coffee.

We also blend our coffees. For instance this week, we’re roasting Tanzania, which is probably 40% and 60% Honduras, it’s a nice strong cup of bio coffee, with a little bit of acid, and it’s selling and being received very well.

I’m forever tasting coffees and creating blends in our house. It’s how we select and create our own mélange – out of our own kitchen.

Hamish Menlove, Lorgues Coffee Roasters