Varia Coffee Gear

We specialise in the Varia Brewing range of coffee makers including the temperature control kettle, AKU scale and the popular VS3 grinder.

The perfect cup of coffee needs the perfect coffee gear.

Varia coffee brewing products have been designed and developed to enhance the brewing experience in your home. They encourage you, the coffee connoisseur, to experiment with brewing methods to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the coffee experience.

From humble beginnings in the speciality coffee industry in New Zealand, Varia products have been through thousands of hours of development and refinement in order to maximise the brewing capabilities and design.

The Varia team combines over 50 years of global experience in the speciality coffee community and most importantly; are coffee people! They strive to create very best brewing products utilising modern and innovative designs and manufacturing technologies. Every coffee is unique, and Varia has partnered with coffee masters to design products that allow you to explore the world of coffee & tea in your home like never before.

Varia Brewing received the Speciality Coffee Association’s (SCA) Best New Product Award for our Varia Brewer in 2021,for the consumer coffee preparation and serving equipment (non-electrical) category. Winning this award confirms that Varia products have been recognised in a very competitive market. Best New Product Awards will continue to be a feature at SCA trade shows and is a lifetime design award.