La Grange Blend of Specialty Coffee Beans

This blend is very popular among our coffee aficionados and is freshly roasted for you to enjoy at its optimum level of taste. If you are looking to discover something different, try our blend of two of our Ethiopian and Brazil coffee beans. We aim to create a blend that accentuates each flavour profile as a new, different and interesting coffee experience.  Whole or fresh grind of your choice for optimum freshness!

Pourquoi boire du café Arabica ?

Café Arabica est une espèce de café originaire des forêts des hautes terres du sud-ouest de l'éthiopie. It is also known as the “coffee shrub of Arabia”, “mountain coffee”, or “arabica coffee”. Arabica is believed to be the première espèce de café cultivée, et est de loin la cultivation dominante, représentant environ 75% de la production mondiale. Les 25% du reste de la production sont les cafés Robusta, moins acide, plus amer et plus caféiné.