Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk


The most widely grown variety of coffee. Approximately 75% of the global harvest is Arabica. 

A variety of coffee bean that contains on average 4 times as much caffeine as Arabica. Approximately 20% of the global harvest is Robusta. 

The foam found on top of brewed coffee, formed by escaping carbon dioxide and coffee oils, is known as bloom. Bloom is only found when using freshly roasted coffee. 

The defining characteristic of expresso. A foam created by carbon dioxide contained in emulsified oils, forced out of the bean during extraction. This is part of the anatomy of expresso, and is the sweetest, most flavoursome part of the experience. 

The fruit of the coffee tree, from which the seed or bean is harvested. It is red and looks like the fruit, cherry. 

Allongei / Long Black
Also known as the Americano. One and a half shots 30ml of coffee blended with steamed water. 

Also commonly called the short black. The name comes from the process of expressing the coffee extract from the bean. A single shot of pure coffee. For two shots, ask for a double shot espresso or a Doppio. 

Italian for restricted or shortened. A rich and concentrated espresso drink using less water but the same amount of coffee, making it less bitter than a standard espresso. 

Characteristics are clean and refined with delightful aromas and flavours. Duration 3:30min to make. There are a few items required to make a Chemex coffee like ideally a gooseneck pouring kettle gives you optional control over how fast you ‘re pouring, timer, grinder, scales, square Chemex filter freshly roaster Lorgues coffee beans. A good Method of timing and practice makes perfect!

It can be made straight over a mug. AeroPress is a gravity defying gadget and a recent addition to the steadily growing list of existing coffee making machines available. AeroPress system was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. Making coffee out of an AeroPress is extremely easy and uses the same principles behind French press coffee. AeroPress has a few differences from its earlier counterpart, however. This includes the use of a disposable paper filter, a finer ground of coffee, and a shorter brewing time of 20 to 30 seconds, resulting to a stronger and yet less acidic cup. 


Pour overs and good for using a Single Origin Coffees. Use 60gram coffee per litre filtered water for best results. Grind beans on medium setting and weigh the coffee grounds for the brew size you wish to make. Boil water then pour and pre heat the vessel. Once discard the water for warming the vessel add coffee to V60. Pouring water onto the grounded coffee, get it all wet and stir gently and wait 30 seconds. Slowly pour remainder of water onto the coffee then enjoy your cup.

Is a systematic, somewhat standardized, method of evaluating coffee. Cupping requires no special equipment, it is easy to replicate, and is accessible to anyone with a grinder and a hot water. the process allows the cupper to brew small samples and compare them rapidly, going back and forth between cups as needed. 


A bitter, stimulating alkaloid.