Specialty Roasted Coffee Beans

At Lorgues Coffee Roasters we take our coffee seriously, and have handpicked a selection of specialty coffees from around the world for true coffee lovers.

We source sustainable, premium coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Honduras and roast them to perfection right here in Provence.

The bestseller is our unique La Grange Blend. In fact, a Michelin-starred chef has asked us not to change it x

Order your favourite from our coffee selection below and enjoy your perfect cup. Available in a variety of Kraft bag sizes or in a refillable tin with a grind of your choice.

Co-founder, Hamish Menlove

How much coffee does a family consume in a month? 

Let’s assume you enjoy 3 or 4 of cups of freshly roasted coffee between you each day. You would need 30g for 500ml of coffee daily. 210g a week or 880g a month – lets say a kilo per month. Adding extra for welcoming family and friends, or enjoying an additional cup or two yourself, we recommend calculating 1.5kg per month.

Bespoke Subscription Service

To help our customers enjoy their favourite coffees (and/or teas) we are offering a unique subscription service. Firstly, take a look at which coffees and teas you’re interested in, then indicate your preference when checking out this free subscription service.

We’ll be in touch by email to confirm the details, and will create and share your personalised link with an invitation for payment to get the ball rolling. Each month the subscription gets automatically renewed, until you cancel or change it (at any time).

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