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Sharing our passion for specialty tea and coffees, as well as posts about this beautiful region we now call ‘Home’. Tip: subscribe to our newsletter below to get your special 10% discount coupon off teas & coffees!

  • Barista Victor Delpierre tastes our LCR Mélange

    Barista Victor Delpierre tastes our LCR Mélange

    “Welcome to this new episode of Discovering Coffee!” We were delighted to welcome 2013 Champion of World Coffee in Good Spirits, Victor Delpierre to our concept store. He shares his experience of tasting our coffee with his viewers. This is a fab moment to brush up on your French (with an English translation below). Enjoy!

  • The “G&Tea” Cocktail

    The “G&Tea” Cocktail

    In collaboration with Maison Mirabeau, we’re delighted to present this fun cocktail recipe that features two of England’s most-loved beverages … gin and tea! To celebrate Tea Day on the 21st of April, we hope you enjoy this hommage to the classic G&T!

  • Building a Concept Store

    Building a Concept Store

    Using Hamish’s extensive building contractor experience, they undertook a big project with partners Kiki and Dick to renovate and create a large concept store ‘La Grange’ in Lorgues

  • Our Range of Teas

    Our Range of Teas

    Lorgues Coffee Roasters offer fabulous loose leaf teas in France. Yes, the French drink tea too! Verushka explains the various teas they offer …

  • Our Range of Coffee and Blends

    Our Range of Coffee and Blends

    We offer a different French coffee experience with our full range of coffee flavours, from fruit to caramel to sweet to citrus and acidic…

  • The Origins of Coffee

    The Origins of Coffee

    Hugely passionate about coffee, Hamish talks about the origin of these fabulous little beans that have delighted so many people around the world.

  • La Poterie du Soleil

    La Poterie du Soleil

    La Poterie du Soleil, a family business for more than 40 years, handcrafts unique pottery using traditional clay, earthenware and sandstone

  • Varia Brewer Instructions

    Varia Brewer Instructions

    Explore the world of coffee in your home with the Varia Multi Brewer! Handy video instructions, user manual & unboxing video

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